KorallionBio, Biotech Research in Gent

Your Cyanobacterial & Microalgal Research Partner in Ghent!

Are you looking for a partner for your innovative biotech research project or activity? A partner with the expertise, facilities and experience to make an effective contribution to your project?

KorallionBio is dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions through innovative research and development. Our focus lies in harnessing the potential of micro-organisms, particularly cyanobacteria and micro algae, to address environmental challenges. With a well equipped lab and our team's extensive know-how, we tailor solutions to meet your specific needs.

Cyanobacteria & Micro Algae

Welcome to our R&D firm! Our expertise lies in the fascinating world of cyanobacteria and micro algae. They serve as the foundation for our innovative processes and product development.

Our dedicated team, armed with extensive knowledge and know-how, drives our success.

Your Research Partner

At our disposal is a state-of-the-art fermentation lab, equipped with bioreactors capable of handling up to 20 liters. We are also able to assist in conducting basic analyses, ensuring the quality and efficacy of our solutions. But we don’t stop there — we have a strong network of partners ready to assist us with in-depth analyses.

From groundbreaking research to practical applications, we always find the perfect solution for your needs!

High-Value Biomaterials

In a world seeking sustainable solutions, bioactive metabolites hold the key. These remarkable materials, derived from nature’s building blocks, offer a multitude of benefits. From eco-friendly innovation to personalized solutions, biomaterials shape a greener, healthier future.

Their inherent properties offer versatility, making them indispensable across various industries.

Our Projects

KorallionBio, Biotech Research in Gent

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